Door Entry Systems

Residential blocks, businesses, as well as small home owners, use Door Entry and Access Control as a cost effective solution for controlling entry to buildings, helping to deter against unauthorised entry, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Securicom can offer a wide range of systems from Audio Door Entry systems to high definition colour Video Door Entry for single-user units or multiple apartment commercial blocks.

  • Full range of Audio and Video Door Entry equipment including the latest technological innovations
  • ‘State of the art’ designs
  • Custom made entry panels
  • Entry panels integrated with proximity access control and keypads
  • Complete concierge systems, combined with Access-Control

We have worked with developers and architects for many years and understand what our customers need, in order to make the specification and installation process, hassle free.

We are able to install new systems, upgrade existing systems and maintain your installation.

We will also maintain door entry systems installed by others, subject to survey.

We install many well-known and extremely well made systems, tailor made to suit your budget and taste.

Door Entry Keypads and intercoms


Access Control Systems are designed to deter unauthorised people from entering your property. This technology can allow you to know exactly when people arrive and who they are, where they are permitted to go and what time they leave.

Proximity Readers (with fobs)

Stand-alone systems are available for a simple one off application.

Larger, monitored systems offer up to 10,000 users – with a controller located inside a secure area, for client use.

Each key fob can be programmed/re-programmed to operate a variety of different entrances, and, in an event that the key fob is lost, it is simply deleted from the system, and a new fob issued, alleviating the need to replace locks and keys.

Key Pads

Keypads integrated into the front entrance panel are available as well as Stand Alone Keypads, which can be fitted internally or externally and provide a basic level of security for a door or gate. All that is then required, is a lock release or electric magnetic lock. Most will take 4,6 or 8 digit codes.

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